I am not currently trading because all my boots are in boxes still from my last move and my tape deck is broken. When I unpack my boots and get them transfered to digital format I'll be happy to start trading again, check back here in a month or so for an update.

Zach's Ani Boots

This is a rough sketch. I really need to update the information here. I have a few other boots that aren't listed, I'll get them listed as soon as I clean my room and find them!

Here's what I have:

Osaka, Japan - 3.21.98 - A really good recording with very little crowd i noise. It sounds like a board recording. A quality.

Doin' the Girl Thing in Athens - Not sure of the dates on this, I can find out though. Its a 2 CDR disc set from 1999. Lots of songs from Upx6 and TTT. This is the only boot I have on CD. Its got 2 different concerts, one in Athens, GA (April 24, 1999) and the other in Port Fairy Australia (March 8, 1998). The port fairy portion is recorded from a radio broadcast. This is A-/B+ quality audience recording. I can make CD or Tape copies.

Ani and Utah at the People's Poetry Gathering - This is a video boot of Ani and Utah (separately not together) at the New York People's Poetry Gathering in 1998. Its reasonable quality for a camcorder video.

Ani Video Boot 2.0 - A fairly complete collection of music video and interview appearances up until about 1997. Includes some obscure tv appearances on canadian tv, as well as several videos (Shy, Lost Woman Song, Joyful Girl, and maybe one other one, I don't remember).

Introspective - This is a CD boot that someone gave me a copy of on tape. I don't have the other details because its lent out at the moment. This is A quality, a board recording.

An Accoustic Evening With - Same as above. But I have stats for this one. Its River Days Festival, Renton, WA, 7/14/94) This is A quality, a board recording.

Early Songs 1989 + Jim Hightower Chat and Chew interview - The Early Songs thing is a copy of a demo she did before her first album. All songs you haven't heard because she hasn't recorded them since, and she doesn't do them in concert anymore. This is A quality, studio work.

Ani DiFranco Gets Covered - this is a collection of songs Ani has covered in concert. The quality varies based on the original boots. There are very good versions (better than the ones I've seen on the net) of When Doves Cry and Do Re Mi on here and 90 minutes of varying quality of other stuff.

St Louis, MO, Mississippi Nights, 10/18/96
Chicago, IL, Congress Theater, 10/18/97
Each of these are very bad quality crowd recordings. I got them because I was at these shows and they were the best I could get. I'd grade these D/D-

Kalamazoo, MI, Dalton Theater, 10/11/94
Decent quality board recording. Very laid back good show at a folk festival, just Ani and Andy. I'd grade it a B.

Ann Arbor, MI - I have to figure out when this is from.

My tapes are currently in disarray. Please bear with me if I have to search out a tape before I can make you a copy.

All my tapes are Type II except the Chicago one which is on a type I tape (ick).

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